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Contract Law

When your own attempts to resolve disputes have failed, you want a professional advocate representing your needs. Arem Law is experienced handling civil matters for individuals, businesses, and non-profits.

Municipal Law

Commercial Law / Business Law

​​​                         - Land Use & Property Disputes                                              - Commercial & Business Law                      - Municipal Law
​                         - Contracts Drafting, Negotiation, Enforcement                - Civil Litigation                                                                      

Often one's local municipality is the first barrier to permitting, development, or resolution of a neighborly conflict. Arem Law has experience in all aspects of these needs, for both residents and Town Councils, including: permitting, contracts, public requests and compliance, regulatory revisions, and procedural guidance. 

Seeking to control the private use of your land? Dispute with your neighbor over boundaries, damage, or construction and demolition of structures? Maybe just wondering how a developer got permission for a new condominium in your community? Arem Law can help investigate and resolve your disputes and inquiries, or just help guide you through the regulations and process.

Businesses are often faced with challenging decisions, from formation to dispute resolution. Whether the matter involves the need for drafting, negotiations, enforcement, procedural practice, or regulatory compliance, Arem Law is here to provide all your business's legal needs.

Civil Litigation

Land Use Law / Property Disputes

Need a contract drafted to protect and preserve your rights? Problem enforcing the terms of a contract with a business or individual? Did someone breach the terms of your agreement? Disputes over contracts are common, but can be complex. Arem Law is experienced in negotiating and drafting contracts to meet your specific needs, as well as advocating for the enforcement of your rights under a pre-existing agreement.

Arem Law handles matters across a wide range of issues, including:


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